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Equipment and Services

Your hospital. Your help. Your impact.

The Miramichi Regional Hospital Foundation’s “Help Us to Help You” is a give to provide the best health care possible to benefit patients, and improve and save lives.

Not every need has been met, the list is unending, and you can help. Donations have the power to help nurture wellness and quality care; and provide a healthy and caring community to help you, your family members, co-workers and neighbors when it is needed the most.

We invite you to support the Miramichi Regional Hospital Foundation and contribute in a way that is meaningful to you.

Every day at our hospital, we are fighting diseases and saving lives. Your hospital is a place full of inspirational stories of pain and triumph, sadness and hope, and joy and miracles. Be a part of it.



To renew the Intensive Care Unit Waiting Area

“We Care for You While You Care for Them”

Campaigns funds will cover the complete cost of renovations and furniture to create a comfortable and private area for family and friends while caring for loved ones in the Intensive Care Unit.

This project includes a private consultation room, and a highly functional space with a kitchenette, modern furniture and decor, a television, and an electric fireplace to provide an updated and relaxing ambiance.  The waiting area will be a calming environment designed to help ease stressful situations.

The Rotary Club of Chatham donated $100,000 towards this project.  Thank you Rotary Club of Chatham for recognizing the need; your generous support to the foundation is an inspiration and it is appreciated!


The Miramichi Regional Hospital Foundation purchased 10 pieces of medical equipment: 9 Surgical Equipment Pieces, 1 Lab Analyser and 1 Birthing Bed for Women & Children’s Health. Surgical equipment includes an Eye Stretcher, a Warmer/Chill Blanketrol and two Warmer Blanketrols used to regulate and control patients’ body temperature, a Sternal Saw, 2 Warming Cabinets used to warm patient blankets and IV Fluids, and an Ultrasound System used in the management of postoperative pain in patients undergoing surgery on the upper and lower limbs.

The Hospital Foundation works with your funds to turn equipment and services needs into a reality, and its mission is to reach goals as quickly as possible to benefit local patients. Help Us to Help You!

$86,000 in Equipment purchases.
The Sensory Suite in Diagnostic Imaging is a screen and audio unit that is an addition to the mammography service designated to improve overall patient experience. It offers a soothing visual and auditory environment to lessen anxiety for patients while undergoing this important exam. It was named one of TIME’s 2019 Best Inventions in Health Care.
The Women & Children’s Health LED Phototherapy System with blanket and pad and the Bili Check Meter can assess newborn baby jaundice and provide treatment procedures, and 2 Fetal Monitors measures mother and baby’s heart rates and rhythm.

$13,680 Roam Alert for 3 East. The Roam Alert is a safety mechanism that alerts staff of wandering patients allowing them to be redirected back to the unit.

$19,000 Emergency Waiting Room furniture completion.


Together with your help, the Miramichi Regional Hospital Foundation is extremely pleased to assist staff in their efforts. The success of obtaining this equipment assists in the common goal to enhance patient care.

Your Inside Story

$143,000 Diagnostic Imaging Ultrasound Unit.

Ultrasound imaging provides important clinical information to guide decision making for virtually all medical specialists, and is an imperative service delivery in the fields of obstetrics, gynecology and women’s health.  The image quality equipment ensures that a safe, efficient and patient centric care is provided.



$182,000 Cardiovascular Ultrasound Machine for the Respiratory Department.

  • Cardiac Ultrasound Machines use sound waves to acquire images of the heart.  Examples include determining the extent of damage to the heart muscle following a heart attack, how prosthetic valves are working after having a heart valve replaced, and whether or not there is an infection in the heart.  Obtaining this equipment will help to provide improved images, more effective treatment, reduce stress and save lives. 



$83,000 to purchase four priority pieces of equipment for various departments.

  • A Ventilator for the Cardio/Respiratory Department is a vital piece of critical care equipment used in emergency situations where a person’s airway has been comprised.
  • A Ceiling Lift for 4 East is a system attached to the ceiling on a track system that assists patients to transfer with ease and comfort and reduces injury.
  • A Generator for Out Patient Clinic is used on patients requiring minor surgery to stop bleeding and remove lesions.  The Cautery Generator is the most efficient and effective means of this type of patient intervention.
  • A Versacare Bed for the Cardiac Care Unit is used particularly on the critically ill patient and has an Active Integrated Response which will assist in prevention pressure ulcers for the immobile and on-ventilator patients.  The bed can safely administer high risk weight based medications to patients.



$183,000 to purchase five priority pieces of equipment for various departments of our hospital:

  • OR Table and Fracture Table offers bariatric surgery and allows surgeons to perform surgery at an optimal level of capability.  Various departments of the hospital would also use the tables.
  • Microtome for the LAB provides the flexibility to cut additional blocks and tissues in a shorter period.
  • Biopsy for Digital Imaging is a vacuum assisted breast biopsy used daily in mammography and frequently in ultrasound.  (this piece of equipment was funded in total by the Chatham Rotary Club).  Thank You to the Chatham Rotary Club for recognizing and supporting our efforts.
  • Radiant Warmer for the Obstetric Unit is used in the operating room and able to provide thermoregulation and rapid response with respiratory capabilities to stabilize the new born.
PULMONARY FUNCTION LAB  – This Campaign has been completed and the equipment is now on site benefiting local patients.  Total cost $106,000.

Staff of Cardio/Respiratory Department

The Miramichi Regional Hospital Foundation is presently in an Annual Campaign entitled “Help US Catch YOUR Breath” to purchase a Pulmonary Function Lab for the Cardio/Respiratory Department. This equipment will diagnose various types of lung diseases such COPD and other related pulmonary diseases and also has features to test young children and elderly patients.

Currently the Cardio/Respiratory Department at Miramichi Hospital does approximately 8090 tests per year.

The Miramichi Regional Hospital Foundation is extremely pleased to commit to assisting Miramichi Hospital staff in their efforts. The success of achieving this equipment assists us in our common goal to enhance local health care for Miramichi and area patients.
Join us in our local effort to bring the best equipment to our medical staff.  We all benefit from the excellent care provided at the Miramichi Hospital.


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