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About Donations

Your donations dramatically improve our hospital’s ability to provide better patient care.

Help Us to Help You!

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Your commitment to improving health care for Miramichi area residents is always inspiring and appreciated, and we look forward to a continued successful partnership.

The Foundation can direct your donation to where it is needed most or allow you to support any area that means the most to you.

There are many reasons to give that can help us deliver quality and compassion care by supporting the Miramichi Regional Hospital Foundation:

Support for or commitment to the work of the Miramichi Hospital

Perhaps it was the compassion the staff member showed in caring for a family member. Or the life-saving procedure the surgeon performed. Maybe it was the skill of the nurse who helped welcome a precious new life into this world. Perhaps it was a simple smile, or a word of encouragement from the porter. No matter what it was about the care you received at the Miramichi Hospital, you know it made a personal difference.

Creating a lasting memorial

The Donor Recognition Wall, a freestanding 16’ x 20’ stained glass structure, is located in the hospital lobby. Significant donations made by individual donors and organizations are recognized on the Donor Recognition Wall. All donations are cumulative. The Donor Wall also offers a compassionate way for donors to honour loved ones while supporting the institution that has always stood by us in our time of need.

Investing in a better community

Investing in our community creates a vibrant and strong one which impacts and benefits all of us. Together we make a difference!

Estate Planning Considerations

The Miramichi Regional Hospital Foundation’s Planned Giving Program, Leaving a Legacy, Your Gift for Tomorrow ensures that funds are available to continue to provide growth, excellence, and quality local health care for patients. By Leaving a Legacy, Planned Giving donors have the satisfaction of knowing that at some time in the future they have left their mark with the world by making a lifetime gift for humanity today.

Tax Considerations

Charitable Giving – Registered charities, such as the Miramichi Regional Hospital Foundation, can give an official tax receipt for income tax purposes.

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